storytelling that moves

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Nature’s Voices runs the following workshops. All workshops are available as 1-day or 3-day modules. Plus, we can deliver workshops of variable lengths to cover your specific needs. For further information, please contact us.
  • Pocket FilmmakingLearn to use your iPhone, iPad or other mobile device to make stunning films that can be shared easily online. Make your films stand out on YouTube, Vimeo or however you enjoy your connections.

    The workshop covers everything from concept, storytelling, storyboarding, filming, editing, sound and sharing.

    Cheap and easy can still be high quality: we show you how!

  • StorytellingLearn how to craft stories that move your audiences.

    The workshop covers story structure, engaging hooks and beginnings, developing complications or jeopardy, and finally, how to resolve your stories in satisfying ways. We show you how to make emotional connections with your audiences; how to make them care.

  • Communication SkillsLearn how to communicate in more effective ways.

    The workshop covers the use of design to engage and the use of narrative to enhance the effectiveness of learning. We show you how to identify the core elements in what you are trying to say: to simplify without dumbing down. We help you match your language and tone to your target audience.

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